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  • A collection of Luji's Chocolate bars displayed with their respective key ingredients, such as suya powder for the spicy suya flavor,  plantain chips for Ginger Plantain Crunch, alongside the colorful packaging of each bar.
  • side view of Luji's Chocolate bars lined up inside the library collection set, highlighting the colorful spine of each flavor's packaging with distinctive African motifs.
  • A fanned display of Luji's Chocolate bars in various flavors, each with its unique wrapper design featuring bright colors and African animal silhouettes, against a dark background
  • An array of Luji's Chocolate bars laid out diagonally, showcasing vibrant wrappers with African-inspired patterns for flavors including Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Ginger Plantain Crunch, and Spicy Suya

Luji's 4-Bar Variety Pack

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  • Experience our curated 4-bar gift library set. Each bar offers a unique taste of our homeland:
    • Classic Milk Chocolate, 40%
    • Classic Dark Chocolate,70%
    • Ginger with Plantain Chips,45%
    • Suya Chocolate,45%
  • With every bar you buy, we deliver cocoa tree seedlings to a farmer where our cocoa is sourced.