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  • Dark Chocolate, 70%
  • A Luji's Chocolate dark chocolate bar wrapper with a bold brown and teal color scheme, featuring a giraffe silhouette, cocoa pod illustrations, and text stating '70% Cocoa, Made in West Africa, Doing Good Should Taste Good.'
  • Front and back view of Luji's Dark Chocolate bar packaging with a rich brown and teal design featuring a giraffe silhouette and cocoa pod illustrations, highlighting '70% Cocoa' and the slogan 'Doing Good Should Taste Good' on the front, alongside nutritional facts , ingredients and company address on the back.

Dark Chocolate, 70%

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Coined as the "best dark chocolate for milk chocolate lovers," this bar offers a rich, satisfying experience that's approachable for all chocolate aficionados. 


Crafted with velvety, deep cocoa flavors from Nigerian beans, this bar is not just a luxurious treat but a celebration of West Africa's cocoa heritage, directly supporting local communities.