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The white discoloration is known as sugar bloom. Chocolate that's bloomed may appear white and feel dry. Rest assured, chocolate with sugar bloom is still perfectly safe to eat. Give it a try!

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We do! 

Currently, we only ship within the US.  If you have an international request about larger orders, please reach out to us directly at and let’s take it from there!

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  1. The growing and harvesting practices of our cocoa are aligned with organic standards. It’s expensive for our partners in West Africa to obtain organic certification. However, we're committed to supporting our partners and hope to pursue organic certification in the future

Yes, all our chocolate bars are gluten-free.

All our chocolates are all non-GMO.

Our Company

Did you know that despite West Africa being the world's cocoa powerhouse, producing over 70% of the global supply, only a fraction of the chocolate is actually made there? That's where Luji's Chocolate stands apart. We're deeply rooted in the rich soils of West Africa, collaborating hand-in-hand with local farmers & local processors to cultivate our cocoa and make your chocolate right in the heart where it all begins. 

We are dedicated to creating the finest chocolate that celebrates the unique flavors of West Africa. Our mission is to blend exquisite taste with authentic regional ingredients, crafting a chocolate experience that's truly West African at heart. In addition to creating mouthwatering chocolate, we are also adding value to the local economy where our chocolate comes from.

Everytime you purchase a Luji’s Chocolate bar, we provide cocoa seedlings to a farmer where our cocoa is sourced. We distribute premium seedlings to help the farmer increase their yield and grow their income. It's a cycle of goodness — you enjoy delicious chocolate, and they get to grow more beans in return. We do this because we believe doing good should taste good.

Luji's Chocolate draws its name from the charming town of Ile Oluji, a hidden gem nestled in Nigeria's western lush landscapes, known for cultivating some of the world's finest cocoa. The cocoa beans in Ile Oluji are pure, embodying the very essence of chocolate perfection. That’s why we source our cocoa from there! Luji’s Chocolate is a tribute to this cocoa cradle, bringing a piece of chocolate paradise straight to you all. 


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