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  • Luji's Spicy Suya Chocolate bar displayed with a spoonful of suya spices and cocoa nibs, highlighting the spicy and chocolaty elements that make up the bar's unique flavor, on a parchment paper backdrop.
  • Luji's Chocolate Spicy Suya bar wrapper with a rich brown and orange color scheme, featuring an elephant silhouette, cocoa pod illustrations, and text that reads '45% Cocoa, Made in West Africa, Doing Good Should Taste Good.'
  • A dual-view of Luji's Chocolate Spicy Suya flavor, featuring a front design with an elephant silhouette against a brown and orange backdrop that states '45% Cocoa' and 'Made in West Africa,' plus the slogan 'Doing Good Should Taste Good.' The reverse side details of the chocolate's Nigerian origin, ingredients list, nutritional facts, and the company's commitment to increasing local farmers' income.

Spicy Suya, 45%

A daring blend that combines the fiery taste of ground dried chiles, ginger, and our classic milk chocolate. This combination creates a perfect harmony of sweet and spicy, offering a distinct and memorable flavor profile.
Inspired by Nigeria's beloved suya spice, this bar invites you on a culinary adventure, balancing the heat and flavor of traditional spices with the smooth, creamy richness of milk chocolate.