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  • An unwrapped Luji's Ginger Plantain Crunch Chocolate bar broken into pieces alongside crispy plantain chips and fresh ginger, illustrating the bar's flavor components on a rustic white wooden background.
  • A Luji's Chocolate ginger plantain crunch bar wrapper, vibrant with red and orange hues, showcasing monkey and leaf graphics, and the text '45% Cocoa, Made in West Africa, Doing Good Should Taste Good.'
  • Luji's Chocolate Ginger Plantain Crunch Chocolate bar packaging, with warm red and orange tones, adorned with monkey and leaf graphics, showcases '45% Cocoa' and the brand slogan on the front, with nutritional information, ingredients and manufacturing details on the reverse side.

Ginger Plantain Crunch, 45%

Warming ginger, with our creamy milk chocolate, toped with an irresistible plantain chip crunch.  A unique fusion of flavors and texture that offers a subtle spicy kick. Each bite invites you to savor a piece of West African culinary heritage, transformed into a luxurious chocolate experience.