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  • Luji's Chocolate Milk Chocolate bar opened beside a bowl of cocoa beans, with chocolate chunks on a cut tree stump, conveying the natural and pure ingredients used in the chocolate against a pink backdrop."
  • A Luji's Chocolate milk chocolate bar wrapper, with a colorful teal and pink palette, depicting a leaping gazelle, and announcing '40% Cocoa, Made in West Africa, Doing Good Should Taste Good.'
  • Front and back view of Luji's Milk Chocolate bar packaging with a cream and colorful team and pink design featuring a bird silhouette and cocoa pod illustrations, highlighting '40% Cocoa' and the slogan 'Doing Good Should Taste Good' on the front alongside nutritional facts, ingredients and the company address on the back.

Milk Chocolate, 40%

Luji's Milk Chocolate Bar combines the nostalgic charm of a classic childhood treat with a refined twist. Each smooth, velvety bite offers a perfect balance of rich cocoa, milky goodness and a subtle sweetness. It's a delightful blend of the classic chocolatey taste you remember, enhanced with the depth of high-quality, sustainably sourced cocoa.